JD Ouellette

Expert by Experience


Coaching & Support

Support, coaching and mentoring for all your parenting/caregiver issues,
from minor to major.


Patient & Education

Providing resources and support for navigating health systems and (in the United States) insurance.


Life & Career

Whether it is in my office or on my couch, people have always found me a comfortable and productive person to process life and career with, leaving our conversations empowered to make their next move feeling positive and empowered


Support & Coaching

Recognizing unproductive dynamics and changing the focus from right/wrong to effective/ineffective.

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"Full Metal Apron":
Eating Disorders
Parent/Caregiver Coaching

Fighting an eating disorder is a fearsome task; you are literally fighting to save your loved one’s life. For me, it was the hardest thing I have ever done and it rocked our family to the core; the overwhelmingness of it is huge, and that was when our experience included the best treatment possible, almost immediately. It taught me much about what is needed to get a loved one well and the awesome power of cutting edge education for parents plus specific skills training and support.

I can provide that via Skype, phone and text. I believe having a trained peer support coach/mentor will save you time, energy, money and quality of life as you navigate this as my testimonials support. I look forward to connecting with and helping you.

About Me
Launching my career in the tech industry after graduate school was a daunting process, and I was timid when it came to negotiating job offers. JD helped coach me to value my worth and negotiate in a way that felt authentic and true to my values. I love my job and appreciate JD for helping me tap into my confidence and advocate for myself!

M.O., WA