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College and Independence After an Eating Disorder: What the Experts Say

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

College and Transitions in General With an Eating Disorder in Play: What to Do?

This is crunch time for really getting college plans finalized - and a process that should include strong boundaries around full health as the number one priority. All transitions are risky times for relapse, as is increasing independence, and wait and see is rarely an effective approach. Invest a few hours in hearing from parents and professionals with lived - and successful - experience by listening to this incredible conference presentation and making your way through these important resources.These pieces are geared toward traditional year university settings and I think much of the information transfers to other types of young adult independence and how to navigate most effectively.

For me, understanding that oversight was not forever, but for now, and looking at whatever limitations were in place at any point as serving the purpose of aiming for a life without limit made all the difference.

Spoiler alert and why you need to hear this: 6 months at full independent health maintenance is what the professionals advise and there are ways to set things up for maximum success in achieving long term health and independence.

Parents of Kids With Eating Disorders Have Hard Choices to Make: They Are Often Academic, Artistic, Athletic and Full of Potential


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